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Highlights for 2015-05-10: 18:55: Pitbulls 15 VS Chialeux 8 19:50: BDR 14 VS RoadRunners 5 20:45: Irish 5 VS BDR 10
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Games for 2014-11-23
Prediction for 18:00 Irish (8) VS Phantoms (7)
  Irish season's record: 7-3-0-1   Phantoms season's record: 7-1-1-1
  Irish All-Time record: 51-34-0-5   Phantoms All-Time record: 173-103-2-11
  Irish VS Phantoms record: 2-3-0-2   Phantoms VS Irish record: 5-2-0-0
Phantoms played a hell of a game last week and they deserve to be in the second round, but to win the cup, they will have to be even better. First they face a strong Irish team that has plowed through the season and then whoever wins the other game will present a good challenge as well. Irish need to use their experience and high offense to stop Phantoms speed. Two of the best goalies squaring off as well, should be a good game.
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Prediction for 19:00 YoungGuns (10) VS Pitbulls (8)
  season's record: ---   Pitbulls season's record: 6-4-1-0
  YoungGuns All-Time record: 8-2-0-1   Pitbulls All-Time record: 14-7-1-0
  YoungGuns VS Pitbulls record: 0-1-0-0   Pitbulls VS YoungGuns record: 1-0-0-0
Youngguns have stormed into the league with incredible play and chemistry but now they face a short bench of veteran players which should make things pretty interesting, especially considering the Pits handed them 1 of their three losses. Pitbulls are going to have to rely heavily on their goalie to face another 50 shots and manage their bench, but they had a whole season to prepare for that.
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Prediction for 20:30 Knights (0) VS Knights (0)
  season's record: ---   season's record: ---
  Knights All-Time record: 51-52-2-4   Knights All-Time record: 51-52-2-4
  Knights VS Knights record: 51-52-2-4   Knights VS Knights record: 51-52-2-4
Whatever two teams make it here, should make for a good final. Easy picking would be to take top team and I will go with the Irish, but it won't be easy.
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