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Highlights for 2015-05-10: 18:55: Pitbulls 15 VS Chialeux 8 19:50: BDR 14 VS RoadRunners 5 20:45: Irish 5 VS BDR 10
Season 21
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Welcome to LSHL's Season 21. We're leaner and hopefully not meaner :)
This season will see us down to a 8 team roster and a 10 game schedule, something we have never done before but with all the cuts at the gym, we wanted to try and avoid all these skipped weeks throughout the season which were very frustrated.
Lots of changes have been announced already, foremost is our farewell to the A division, something we have tried to keep alive for so long and was starting to hurt the organization of the league. Happy to say however most of our elite players were still able to find teams while we did our best to keep last season's tight race in the B division up to par.
More than half the teams are reconstructed efforts from active captains to fit in the B division restrictions while the others are teams that have been here for a while already which might give them a slight advantage on the stability side.
Having 8 teams will benefit the league in our opinion and not to mention our referee who was handling quite the load for the past few years. I'll be able to be at the gym myself for all games and get back to enjoying running things with my brother as we interact with you guys.
So that's it, good luck to all the teams!!!