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Highlights for 2015-05-10: 18:55: Pitbulls 15 VS Chialeux 8 19:50: BDR 14 VS RoadRunners 5 20:45: Irish 5 VS BDR 10 was founded in September 2004 by Fabrizio Catalini at the urging of some of the players currently in the league that hungered for an organized league. The Lasalle Street Hockey League is a ball hockey league played in the Andre Laurendeau gymnasium in LaSalle. The league promotes a friendly atmosphere to keep game play clean and fun. Our league has one of the most interactive sites, giving players access to tons of stats, records, forums, video highlights, predictions, and players of the week. There are 4 organizers Patrick Leblanc, Simon Leblanc, Jonathan Laviolette and Patrick Bonneville, we try our best to meet every teams'/players' needs.
We'd like to thank Fab for building this foundation we were able to build upon. We'd also like to thank Anthony Guglielmi for playing a huge part in the organization, building this awesome site for his random craziness. us